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Partner with us for free & start earning N5,000 to N30,000 per transaction💸💰

INTRODUCTION: We buy and sell clean used properties across Nig such as Phone, Laptop,Tv, Home theater, frigde, washing machine, generator, Ps2/3/4. Etc..


[QUESTION-1] Needing A Business Partner [Katakara champ], What is it all about ?

ANSWER ==> A champ is a person that Advertises all the For-sale properties at mykatakara.com on His or Her social media Plat-form be it “Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp” and collect a REASONABLE COMMISSION on each property sold out AND he/she Ccan also refer SELLERs to us and you also collect a REASONABLE COMMISSION after successful transaction. This offer is “NATION WIDE”

[QUESTION-2] How do I go about getting a BUYER for you at a distant location and the mode of payment ?

ANSWER ==> We can transport any of our for-sale properties out of our offices any where in Nigeria through the help of WAY-BILL I.e “Transportation fee” and Mode of payment is always pay on delivery But way-bill is upfront

[QUESTION-3] What if I get a SELLER of properties like TV laptop fridge and lot more at the location you don’t have offices at, how do I go about that?

ANSWER ==> Ofcos we help serious customer to advertise their for-sale properties through the help of our champ members and thereafter the purchase you get your commission by bank transfer even the champ the connect a buyer also get paid. Simple!

[QUESTION-4] What are the safty measures if i want to be part of the business?

ANSWER ==> Its part of our responsibilities to keep our buyers safe especially when the seller is at a distance location where we donot have physical office. Items without receipt of purchase is a NO WAY! So we strictly request for original receipt of purchase Or court affidavit together with a police report incase the receipt is lost. Join us today as we shall share more light on that.

[QUESTION-5] How much do you pay as commissions per referer and how do I get my commission if i refer a SELLER or BUYER to you from a distance location ?

ANSWER ==> Our commissions varies which depends on the type of item but its usually from N5,000 to N30,000 and We pay most commissions through Bank transfer that’s after successful transaction.

[QUESTION-7] Please how do I get started ?

ANSWER ==> Registration is for free! All you need to do is WhatsApp this number 08139173439 and join. Please note, we pay commissions to only members and its typically 3days after registration.

And these info will be needed from you

Your Full name
Your WhatsApp main number
Your Location



Its important for you join us today so as for you tobe receiving our daily update and commissions on WhatsApp. So what are you still waiting for? Join now and start getting update in the fomat below on whatsapp

This is how you should advertise on your Facebook account and kindly add your available contact 081/080/070 etc

This is how you should advertise on your instagram account and kindly add your available contact 081/080/070 etc

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