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18 QUESTION And ANSWER About Our Partnership Business

18 QUESTION And ANSWER About Our Partnership Business

1. Question: If I get a buyer how will the company knows the buyer is coming from me?

Answer: Since we have your details with us, so it’s advisable for you to inform your buyer to mention your name and your phone number so that we can confirm.

2. Question: my buyers are asking for more pictures when ever I advertise on my platform. Pls what do I do?

Answer: Since you are part of us already, it’s your responsibility to explore to our website and download more pictures of the particular item we updated to you. Visit Our website; mykatakara.com

3. Question: I have buyer pls what’s the next thing for me to do?

Answer : Kindly explain to your buyer our buying policy especially if the item and your buyer is from different locations. I.e tell him/her about “Upfront Waybill” and We render “Pay on Delivery service” Thereafter, tell your buyer to call to us and to make mention of your name

4. Question: What’s the meaning of Waybill upfront?

Answer : Waybill upfront simply means “Transportation Money for item” and it’s buyers responsibility to pay before sending the items to which ever location he/she is. Please note, the waybill amount is different from the basic property payment.

5. Question: What’s your waybill range?

Answer:Our waybill is varies depending on the item purchase and location such item is going.

6. Question: Someone told me he want to sell his phone. Pls what should I do next?

Answer: At anytime you get a seller kindly create a group on whatsapp which will involves “You”, “Your Seller” and “Us” and after we’ve reach conclusion the group will be dissolve. Simple!

7. Question: Can your goods be send outside the country?

*Answer*: No! We only operate within Nigeria.

8. Question: Is your items brand new?

Answer: We only deal on used properties

9. Question: Do you allow deposit?

Answer : No! You pay at once

10. Question: Someone want to buy phone and he ask of the specification?

Answer : Since you are part of us, it’s now your responsibility to check our website for the specification of what ever product he/she want to buy and you feed him back. Our site name;mykatakara.com

11. Question: Are your prices negotiable?

Answer : We’ve tried as much as possible beat down our price to a convinent one, that’s why we usually give price at a “ FLAT! “ rate which means “Not Negotiable” and moreover we do this to avoid price dragging.

12 Someone need a phone pls is it available

Answer: Since you are part of us, it’s now you your responsibility to check our site if the item is available or not and feed your client. Our site name;mykatakara.com

13 Someone want to buy laptop but his asking for the spec

Answer: We might not be able to give you full details about the spec of the item on our website but the key ones will be given to you. So there for Since you are part of us, it’s now you your responsibility to explore and check goggle for you client

14 People are asking for the goods on how they are going to receive it

Answer : Please not every state we have our office at but we can deliver to all state we send most of our properties through transportation Unions where by your buyer will receive his/her property in the state garage.. and that’s the place your buyer will give the basic payment to the driver or make direct bank transfer to us..

15 How much do you pay as commissions per referer and how do I get my commission if i refer a SELLER or BUYER to you from a distance location ?

Answer: it depends on the type of item you sold but its usually from N5,000 to N30,000 and We pay most commissions through Bank transfer that’s after successful transaction.

16 How am I going to know if the item you advertised to still available or not

Answer: Anytime your client request for an item, always check the blue printed link at “More Details” which would be given to you to confirm if the item is still available or not. *NOTE* If the link is active that means the item is still available, but if otherwise that means it has been sold.

17 Pls do Have Sony laptop or 50 inches tv

Answer Since you are part of us already, it’s your responsibility to check our Website @ mykatakara.com to know if the property is available or not so for you to update ur client

18 Can I advertise with you number and your website!

Answer: Never advertise with the company official number or website links on your advertising platform… Always advertise with your active mobile number

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