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15 QUESTION And ANSWER About Katakara Investors

1. QUESTION: Who are the katakara investors


ANWSER: Katakara investors are the selected individual that are capable to invest in people’s forsale items by offerning them GOOD CASH immediately for their property and make reasonable profit within a short period of time after advertisement by the company


2. QUESTION; What kind of properties are we investing on


ANWSER; These are the properties you can invest your money on, like Phones, Laptop, Tvs, Home-theatre sound system, Refrigerator, Washing machine, Generator and the likes


3. QUESTION: How much do I need to have to be a member of katakara investor


ANWSER: You can start with mininum amount of #70,000 above


4. QUESTION: Do i need to pay certain amount of money to the company for me to become one of the investor in my location?


ANSWER: NO❗You don’t need to pay a dime. Its absolutely FREE to become katakara investor as long as you are in Nigeria 🇳🇬


5. QUESTION: Will my capital for the investment be in your possession or my possession?


ANSWER: NO❗️Katakara Do not accept any payment whatsoever from any investor. Your capital for the short term investment should be in your bank account and should be ready incase a forsale item is pointed to you.


6. QUESTION: How genue is the properties you will be referring to us to invested in


ANSWER: We only consider property with receipt of purchase before introducing our investors to purchase a particular property and with the help of taken relevant document, you are covered.


7. QUESTION: How do I test the item i want to invest in.. because I don’t know much about these items


ANSWER: Ofcos we will surely be of assistance to you by directing you on how you can test the invested items properly


8. QUESTION: How do i sell the item i invested in buying


ANWSER: Katakara company is fully responsible for the advertisement and selling out the item the investors invested in.


9. QUESTION: Where do I keep the property after using my money to invest in buying.


ANWSER: After Purchase, you are fully responsible for each and every property you invested in and it should be kept safe within your look 👀


10. QUESTION: Take for instance, I invested in a property in Lagos and the company got me a buyer at Abuja, please who will be responsible for the item delivery charge


ANSWER: The buyers are fully responsible for the delivery charge of any item they wanted to buy regardless of the location.


11. QUESTION: What is the profit share margin if the company or a partner or even myself got a buyer for the item i invested in ?


ANSWER: Our profit share is private, but will be revealed only to the investor soon as he/she invested in buying a property


12. QUESTION: After following all the instructions given what if i mistakenly buys a faulty item. Please, who will be responsible for the liability?


ANSWER: Sorry, you take fully responsibility for each and every item u see, tested and buy and so we advise you take your time to test whatever item you want to buy very well before you make payment and if possible notice the sellers address in case the item is faulty.


13. QUESTION: As part of the investor in your company, can you help me to advertise and sell out the item i bought without the company’s consent


ANSWER: NO❗️In no case we advertise third party item on our platform. So we only recognise and advertise the forsale property you are connected to.


14. QUESTION: What is the duration of weeks or months for the invested property to be sold after purchased


ANWSER: “30” thirty days at most, the company will take full responsibility of the item you invested in by you sending the property to any of our physical office and you get 100% refund of the invested money


15. QUESTION: What might possibly happen if i received an update from the company to invest in one particular item, but I don’t have money to purchase such item or I have the money buy time hasn’t been my friend to follow up the update.


ANSWER: First, when you registered as an investor, you choose the amount within your capacity that you can conveniently operated on as your capital for the investment and you also choose to be available at all time when ever we call on you. So in that case if any this two (Money & Time) is violated in anyway, its automatically a red flag🚩


The red flag🚩 is a penalty sign and if it appears three times consistently it means you will be automatically block from investorship platform and you can continue been just a partner to the company



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